Marc Evans

Marc has over 20 years of corporate experience in Production Management,

Project Management, and Human Resource Management in two major U.S Corporations. Plus over 8 years in the information marketing world working in many niches.  Marc is co-creator of and the connected investor where he trained over 3,000 property locators around the country to find investment homes for targeted Real Estate investors.

In 2009 Marc was trained as a Product Launch Manager, directly by Jeff Walker using all the techniques of Product Launch Formula.  Marc is currently a member of Jeff’s Platinum Mastermind Group and is one of only four coaches in Jeff Walker’s Elite PLF Coaching program.

Marc has coached over 90 other product launch managers and clients on their launches that range in products from stained glass creation to communication skills software services.  Main launches include Agent Edge training in the real estate niche for real estate trainer and author John Horne and Born to Sell Secrets for Business trainer and author Dr. Donna Ligda. Marc continues to coach mid-sized companies with market creation and strategy in the lead battery manufacturer industry, and the wholesale beverage parts services.

Other Product Launch Coaching Client Niches 

Mergers and acquisitions
Independent contractors
IT professionals
Relationship coaching 
Meditation program
Women entrepreneurs
Authors, Speakers
Diet Programs
Video Marketing
Veterinary office improvements

Marc Evans Product Launch Coach




With Jeff Walker

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Product Launch Managers

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Interviewed by Jeff Walker

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